House To Vote On Bill Allowing Cannabis Research With State-Licensed Products

Only days after members passed sweeping legislation to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, the House of Representatives plans to vote on a separate bill that would allow cannabis research using state-licensed marijuana products. Under current regulations, researchers must obtain cannabis for federally-sanctioned study from a single cultivation operation maintained by the University of Mississippi. […]

Virginia Governor Announces Plans To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Less than two weeks after five states voted to legalize cannabis in this month’s election, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced on Monday that he would introduce legislation to legalize adult-use marijuana in the state. The move comes as his administration prepares to release a report on the impact that cannabis legalization is likely to have on the […]

Montana Gets Ready to License the Recreational Cannabis Industry

Montana made recreational cannabis legal this past election, and now, they’ve begun the process of licensing, already looking ahead to the future of the recreational industry.  According to the Montana Department of Revenue, the state is currently planning on being able to make licenses available by October of next year, a little less than a year […]